Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Four more days!!

It's 3am in the morning, and I am still painting my model. Boy...am I tired. Sleeping barely 3 hours a day. Deadline's this Friday and I have yet to start on the diorama! And I need to have the photos taken by Thursday! OMG! I'm gonna pee in my pants. My work area is in a freaking mess! Paint splattered on the walls, used sandpapers on the floor, etc, etc blah blah blah.

And to make matters worse, my airbrush has been giving me problems. Sigh...."what else can go wrong", I wondered. Must persevere....


Hang in there bro! bet you can make it! Cant wait to see how your diorama will look like.

YOU CAN DO IT!!! Add Oil!! Add Oil!!
Cant wait to see your works again :)

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