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Sunday, December 3, 2006

"Raven" (MG Sazabi conversion)

I finally get to take some decent pictures of my latest creation, "Raven" before I submit for BAKUC 2006. A few months ago, I was flipping through the the Gundam Weapons and came across some fantastic works of this Japanese modeller, Motoo OSUMI. His creation, "Goblins the gravity vanguard" was really mesmerizing. Eventually, I went ahead with a conversion using a MG Sazabi with such a concept in mind.

The first thing I need to do was to create an identity for my creation, I came up with "ATAG" (All Terrain Assault Group). A task force consisting primary of converted Sazabis. My initial plan was to create two converted Sazabis. however , I was too slow and hence only one made it. I wanted a Sazabi that is heavily armed and be able to conduct air raids/ assaults.

I did some scratch building but a majority of the kits were kitbashed from various model kits. I have to apologize in advance for the lack of WIPs as I seldom take photos during construction. These are the only few I have....

Well after three months, I completed Raven. Parts that I have used were a PG Aile Strike Pack, Missile Pods from Heavy Arms Gundam, Weapon from Serpent and the rest were built from scratch. Lots of pla-cards were used and it cost me a bomb.

Front View

Front View

Side View

Rear View

Close-up Torso

Close-up Torso 2

Rear Close-up

Close-up Leg

Close-up legs

Top View


Raven with maintenance diorama

Now some pictures of the diorama.

Scratch-built these cargo containers

Before priming

Finishing painting the walls and ground

A little close up

Finished Maintenance Diorama


Hmmmm, where shall I put this cable ?

Hey! Quit staring and get back to work!

A bit crowded, man!

Read these instructions carefully....No touching, once broken considered sold.

Hey!!! You're still at it?

Cozy area to rest my butt

Damn these ladders! Who scratched them!?

How come I am seeing gaps between the fences? hmmm....

Hey!!! Raven's gone. What are you staring at!?

Ok folks, lights out!


Looks great. as for the cable... either get rid of it or make it a fuel line cable

This is one insane peace of work... man you're a god.

Always a treat to see someone who's good at things like this. Great job, especially as the Sazabi is one of my favs (as is probably the case with many others).

This rocks. Wish I had the know how to do something like this.

Excellent work!
I think better to post my comment here than forum.
You are definitely going HK, if you ask me!

ehh can i ask u smt? y is ur work in hobby art? i mean ur legend. your raven rocks man can u kinda of teach me smt? though i only getmerit in the junior cagetory in this bakuc competition... pls teach me!!!! i need training!!!!!!!!!!! i'm a noob! if possible reply me. add me =) looking forward to ur reply thx

Hey Mr Noob, I think your add. is wrong, I cannot seem to contact you.

nice work man, i believe you are one of the strongest contender for bakuc 2007 XD! all the best

Thats is now my all time fav gundam

and one more thing....


i can't find them anymore for sale!

:) There are plenty in Singapore, but i bought a few just for rainy days :p

hi wanna know what did u use to paint? airbrush or spraypaint? cos i saw a few spraypaint cans there. Anyway a very very unqiue and beautiful piece of work!

Hi Fred,

The Sazabi itself was airbrushed. As for the base, I used a mixture of AB and spraypaint. I use spraypaint for base coats at times.

Awesome work! Saw it first hand at the shop. I am not a gundam modeller but the whole diorama is so detailed that I stood there for like a whole 15mins. You must have spend a whole lot on the styrene. Once again, very detailed and awesome works.

Thanks! Every now and then I would go back to the shop and look at it too. Over time, I realise that there are things to improve and a lot more details that I could add. Hopefully I am able to do a larger scale of this type of diorama (which is my wish)in the near future.

I was wondering where you would find the parts to build the the buildings, ladders floors etc.?

Hi Liam,

Those parts were constructed using Pla-Plates. They were basically cut down to size and reshape.

"Pla-Plates"..?..whats that?..where can i get those thing and how much would that cost?..ruffly how much u spend for your diorama..hope 2 see more of your art.. ^-^

Pla-plates are plastic sheets made from styrene. I usualy use pla-plates from Tamiya and Evergreen. You can find some at Artfriend in Bras Basah or most modelling shops do sell them.

OMG i first saw this at HAG(i think) years ago and it blew my mind away....and i had to post a comment great work.... im learning quite a bit from your site....

Hi Nix,

Thanks for letting me know you like this one. This one was probably my 4th master grade. A lot of things have changed since this one. Let's hope I can produce a better customization for my next Sazabi!

hey kenny, i was wondering where did you get those maintenence crew dudes? i cant find them anywhere! and wat tool did you use to cut those pla-plates?

Hi there,

It is available locally but you could go online to order. Those figures are from WAVE line of products.

oh thanks, those figures is under what category?

Here you go... :)

Gundam Weapons "Char's Counter Attack" Special Edition.

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