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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Gundam Mk-II (A.E.U.G.)

Just completed the Mk-II, A.E.U.G version. A friend of mine requested me to do one for him. An
yway,this kit is pretty much OOB except for some very minor modds. The details on this kit are pretty impressive so there is no need to detail it up any further. Definitely ideal for those who are into OOBs. Construction is relatively easy with very little seam lines to work on, except for the weapons as usual. are the pictures.

The stock base is exactly quite detailed and it was a joy painting it. I like the catapult and the crane mechanism. Pretty realistic I must say.

Now, my next project is the Gundam Seed Astray Red Frame, which is also for another friend, phew... I was thinking I cleared all those kits I have to make for them and then get down to do the F91s and also the Strike Freedom, really can't wait.....


wow these models are amazing. My dad and I have been building models since '98 or so. I was only 6 or 7. One idea I thought of is if you made a base for one of the models that was a catapult, like off of the Archangel for example. With your skill it would look terrific.

Wow, a father and son team! I really envy you guys. That sounds like a cool idea!Definitely something I would love to attempt in the future... Thanks!

how did you do those chrome thrusters at the back? Are they originally chromed along with the sprues? Thanks

Nope, those doesn't come chromed. They were painted with chrome silver.

How did you achieve that level of chrome-ness. Any special techniques? What kind of paint are you using for this effect?
Please enlighten me.


There is really nothing special. Just a base coat of glossy black and any decent metaillic colours from Mr Colour range should suffice. It takes a bit of practice of course. Give it a try!

Hi there, the color of this kit is a WOW. Can you kindly share some techniques you normally use to color the kits? Are you using air spray or air brush to paint? Thanks!

Hi, I usually airbrush all my kits. To be frank, all I did was spray white over gray primer. But the difference here was that this was meant to be a "gift" for a friend. So I put in more effort and patience whilst airbrushing this one. Sometimes, by being more patient and apply your paint in a systematic way; layer by layer, you can achieve wonderful results!

Hi, thanks for the information. I'm a stranger to airbrushing. Read a few forums for recommendation on purchasing airbrush tools but dont really know what are the necessary tools to get. My freedom and strike iwsp need some life color =). Can you kindly provide suggestions as to what kind of tools are needed in order to into painting? Thank you!


Here's a list of tools/items that you may need to start AB:-

1. AB - My airbrush is Evolution by Harder & Steenbeck
2. Compressor (could get a normal one for under $200.00)
3. Paint trays
4. Droppers/stirrers
5. Face Mask amd gloves
6. And lots of practice

In fact you can start airbrushing your first kit with minimum setup. Perhaps you could try painting on some old kits first...

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the tools list. Went to look around and found some airbrush and compressor. Quite costly. Decide to stick to spray paint for now. But will try get a set of airbrush kit one day.

You're really good at modeling. Your work inspire me. Looking forward to your next work. By the way, I'm Dennis.

Nice to "meet" you Dennis and sorry for the late reply :) Yes, the airbrush and compressor set could potentially cost you a bomb. Save up for it in the meantime.

And I'm really glad my works provide you with some inspiration. That is what that motivates me to continue what I do and to improve on my part. A Million thanks for your comments!

No problem, you're welcome. =)

I guess it will take me some time to buy a set if airbrush. Coz I am just told that the price of gunpla in Sg has increased. 5~10%.

I better get my MG Ex-S soon. Is it possible to add you in msn?


Yes, prices are set to go up. I guess we have to take it in our stride....

Hi. I'm new to gunpla scene. Currently working on a Super Gundam. Was wondering if you do pre-shading on this Mk-II??? It has a very clean look. Very nice!

Hi Botak!

I did some pre-shading on this kit. Basically I used the grey primer 1000 (Mr Hobby) as a base coat and do pre-shading with white. Super Gundam? I would love to do one some day.

First of all Great Job!!! I recently picked up an airbrush, and I was wondering if you had any tips on shading and weathering. It looks hard to do, and I know it all takes practice, but I don't even know where to start with shading. Should I paint dark as a base coat, and lighter colours over, or should I paint the base white and airbrush quick minimal strokes with black?

Hi justinzero,

It's can be quite a daunting task when you are trying something new, especially when you do not know where to begin. For me, I tend to break the tasks up to simplify the job. I suggest trying out a lighter colour over a dark base and see how it goes. Sometimes you need to experiment or to get a "feel of things" rather then pondering on the results or techniques. I learnt a lot from my mistakes and realise that nothing can be achieved if you just sit there and procastinate. So, my recommendation to you is to get a piece of pla plate, spray it black, then start with highlighting the centre with white and slowly spread out. By then you should be able to better understand shading. Remember, experimenting is one good way of learning any skills. I hope this helps.

Yes it helps!! I plan on laying a dark grey as a base coat, and spraying white over it. Practice does make perfect, so I picked up a few 1/144 models to work on so I can perfect the technique.

Good to hear that! Remember, perfection comes with practice. So keep going!!! Cheers!


i just got a limited edition MG RX-278, but it doesnt come with a stand! So order the regular version instead. The stand is really nice, its sad i don't get it.

Anyway, I would like to ask if you do any painting for the inner frame of this kit, i cant see much from your pictures, but it looks like dark grey to me. The original colour is purpish grey?

Hi Jiawei,

I used Neutral Grey with a touch of red (95%-5%) for the internal frame. Hope this helps.

hi kenny,

that helps, I haven started on my kit yet but ill experiment around with the colours a bit. Thanks! mind if i add u on msn? im from singapore too and im thinking of renting an airbrush at sunshine plaza to work on this model.

Hi Toymaker i just recently learned about the detailing of Gundam model kits and was curious on how you got the MkII Decals and what type of paint was used Acryl or enamel Thanks for your time and a beautiful job on the kit

Hi there,

The decals are from Bandai Gundam Decal sold separately. Currently, I am using Mr Color and GAIA paints. Both types are enamel.


No words..just the thruster chromeness..

is it possible that you teach me the way to paint and fix the kit one on one?? something like tution

I do have plans to give lessons in the future. Will let you guys know...

Nope. Hobby Art Gallery is managed by my friends... I don't own any shop.

Hi , awesome kit you have.
Can you tell me what colours and coats you used for this kit? Cos you inspired me to use this colour theme for my own custom, it looks way cool. So if you don't mind could you teach me how to get an awesome finish like yours?

Your biggest fan :D

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