Thursday, January 3, 2008

Duel Gundam [SD]

Finally completed this little fellow. This is my first ever SD Gundam and I am quite satisfied with the final product although there are some areas I need to work on. As usual I guess.....

One reason why I only produce one SD after so many years is that I hold the impression that it is more tedious than the other scales. Well I'm right, and wrong as well. The parts may be difficult to mask, but it hones my patience and attention to details even more. It may sound weird, but I required more planning when doing SDs compared to the other scales! hahaha...

Finishing this one is especially satisfying to me since I have failed to even complete one after so many attempts!

I have choosen to fashion this SD Duel to a NG 1/100 version I did back in 2006. I thought it is something cool to have a SD version of your previous work.



hi. i came across from FFoo^^
really clean work!

Thanks guys,

More SDs for me this year I hope!

no wonder this kit looks familiar...
u're Orange from zero g.. haha.. nice kit... nice 2 meet u 2.. btw i'm z3r0717 in zero g. ^^

Looks great. Just wondering since im a newbie to mechs. Did you hand paint that or air brush?

Once again, great job

Hi there and thanks!

Most of the parts are painted with an Airbrush. Only the really small ones were painted by hand.

Hi AstrayP03, maybe you could look at my NG Duel Gundam for some clues. Most of the materials are brought from a local art store and built from scratch.

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