Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Thoughts - Gundam Competitions

A few days ago, someone asked me for my views on the culture of Gundam Competitions here. I thought it was pretty interesting to share my thoughts on this.
For starters, I love these competitions. In fact, I look forward to them. Why? simple. I get to pit my skills against the very best. This is the time to guage my progress and also to rub shoulders with the rest of the modellers. Although I think it is important to support local competitions, we must also strive for better quality entries.
I don't tell myself to join to make up numbers or to support. I will NEVER improve even after 100 competitions. I join to win. Simple as that. I will not have the motivation to improve if I do not adopt this mentality.
Every competitions provides me with the opportunity to analyse my "opponents", pick up new techniques and of course, make new friends.
In order to improve the gunpla standards in Singapore, we have to share. And it has always been people's grouse that modellers keep to themselves. I have been asking this, "With so much information available on the internet and so easily accessible, why can't I see better entries at every competitions?" Time to do some reflection I guess.
I do know that a lot of people see this hobby as a form of relaxation and I agree that it should stay that way. Well maybe I should treat this as my job and not a hobby! So that I can "play plastic" everyday, eight to five!
So what are your views on this, my friends?


hmm... i suppose it comes with a cost, 'playing plastic' as your job. besides the financial aspect you have to look after (money to support yourself and your production costs, assuming there is no sponsorship), somehow, i think if your passion becomes your job, it will somehow burn out fast.

unless you are referring to taking a break from work just to concentrate on 'playing plastic'. that puts it in a different category, i suppose. just my two cents' worth!

I think you might be right. If your passion becomes a chore, it will die. MAybe if I save enough, I could take a long break just to do gunpla!

Cheers :)

by the way, i saw many of your models at HAG. are you familiar with the shop owner? do you know if they do modelling classes and what is covered?

Well I am a "regular" there and friends with the owners too :)

And they do provide modeling classes. However, if I am not wrong, they are quite packed at the moment. If you are interested, approach Sam in the shop. I believe he is more than willing to help you.

Lessons would touch on basic modeling and painting skills although I'm not too sure about it more.

thanks toymaker, i checked with the shop owners as you suggested, but am a bit hesitant about the price tag of 180 dollars, as i just underwent a course at M workshop and i would be re-touching on many of the same basics i already learnt.

thanks anyway!

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