Thursday, August 27, 2009


Awhile ago I was happily preparing the Exia for painting and I suddenly spotted one of the parts that was on my table unprimed. I picked it up and realised there are two of these. I look through all the other parts and panic set in. I could not find the other half!!! After hours of searching for the one miserable piece, I gave up.
Now, I have to shelve this one indefinitely (I really hate it). Hopefully it will pop up some day.
I guess my next option is to start preparing my next kit, entry for BAKUC 2009 since there is not much time left!

And, I'm still pissed!

The missing part, sob


Man I hate when that happens. I was in the exact same situation. Turns out I had primed it, and as it was on my table drying one of my cats nabbed the skewer it was on. Found both a couple of days later. Glad I have a small apartment :)

Hope you can find that part soon. Hate to see your efforts go to waste.

@ Zircor -That sucks man, this is the second time for me!

@chubbybots - I'm mounting another search tonight. Just cannot sleep over it....

that happened with my MG FBM strike freedom!
I slowly examened each thing in the room and removed it from the room until the room was almost empty.
but still no...
in the end it was an internal part so i carved a new one from a hunk of plastic with an xacto knife.
But in the Sept 2009 issue of popular mechanics pg 109 has a method for making objects with glue and baking soda.

Thanks for the info dude, I could recast the object. But I rather wait for awhile. Anyway I cleared out the whole room last night and still could not find it. So I will do the FAZZ first.

Sorry to hear tat, Hope it'll turn out one of these days. Sometimes things just disappear without a reason and appear right in front of you without any reason as well.

On second thoughts, I think I will paint it anyway... Would be a waste if I stall now...

why not just scratch build a duplicate out of styrene? you certainly have the skill to do so...

I would if i could. But i lack the patience. Anyway, i found the part and went on to finish it.

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