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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gundam Exia (MG)

Phew... the MG Exia is finally completed! This time instead of the usual blue, I chose to use purple for this one. I'm having problems with the white balance of the camera thus was not able to capture the purple colour. And it is also the first time I actually gloss coat the kit, I did not really have any practical experience. Well, it was certainly fun doing it and I made some mistakes but it sure feel good that I finally did "glossing"! I realise doing a gloss top coat is challenging and definitely requires more patience and endurance. I need to get a few more kits under my belt before I attempt the Sinanju.
Like what I said previously, this MG Exia really a remarkable kit. There is not much additional details needed and there are quite a few gimmicks as well. THe LED is really a plus to me too.
However, I did have this recurring problem of the plastic been weaken after using Taimiya enamel thinner on it for panel lines. Some cracks surfaced and I really hate those. Looks like I need to use other panel lining methods for a change.

My photography still sucks big time. So there is a urgent need to improve it!


@ wutupz - Coat looked unique? Which mean? Well I'm way off the mark with gloss hahahaha...

@skyguy - I sure hope it is. It is the latest MG by Bandai with LEDs. Oh no, I forgot to take photos of the light up!!!

Bro, I saw your EXIA at HAG liao. err.. the gloss coat looks a bit funny to me... I still prefer matt or perhaps semi gloss.

You may want to try just gloss the colour panels and leaving the white panels matt... may look better..

Gosh...who am i to comment on your work..ops

No problem Derrick, everyone has his or her own preference. For me, I have other objectives for this exercise. Traditionally, most gundams look good in matt, once in awhile, I love the challenge that concept. It's a matter of getting use to. And of course I won't just stop just because the majority dosn't agree with me right? That would really take the fun out of it :)


funtastic job.
especially i love this color tone!

Nice colour scheme, can u tell me what purple u used?

Hi there, the purple I used is from GAIA Color. No. 017

Hi Toymaker
I like yout Exia. I know there are comment on the wet look and wrong base. But however it give me a just-out-of-the-oven, brand new kinda feeling. I just love to come to your site offen and when I am feeling low. Your work really inspire me a lot. All the best to your FAZZ.

Hi renozlion,

Thanks for your kind words. Am glad that you like my works and do stay tune as next year will be one exciting one! I promise...

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