Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey guys, every now and then I have friends asking me what materials I use for my details and where to get them. Well, maybe I should do a little writeout on this...
The primary material I use are styrene sheets from Evergreen Scale Models. They come in sheets, strips and all types of shapes. I use these a lot for pla-plating and diorama building. You can say they are the "building blocks" of modding.
Locally, you can purchase from a shop call Artfriend situated at Bras Basah complex. They do not come cheap of course. But it's definitely worth it!
Next, Kotobukiya's Modeling Support Goods or "option parts". They comes in all types of shapes and sizes. From minus molds to thrusters, you can add details to your kits with minimum fuss. As you can see, I stock like a ton of these. Very useful stuff to have around.
They are not that easy to get here although some shops carry some stocks. However the range is quite limited. I usually buy in bulk when I go on my yearly Hong Kong trips.

That's about all for now, I will try to organise a bit so that I can have a technical area for my blog later...


very nice, i have some evergreen sheets to and there really easy to use. but i dont have the option parts from kotobukiya since they dont sell that stff in the netherlands and ordering is real pricy because of the shipping.

do you know some site's wich ship all over the world like hlj ?

Hi Kenny, i'll be going to Hong Kong in Dec and would like to shop for some Gundam kits 7 accessories. Can you tell me where are the best place to go? Thks.

@ Marc - I do know about HLJ, and...Rainbowten, G-system. I think there are a few more but I can't just remember.

@Skyguy - The best place to shop would be the Model Street in Mongkok. You would find most of your gundam needs over there.

Hi Kenny, thanks for the tip. Any recommendation of any particular shop that i should go look around?


I've just starting to explore scratchbuilding, so in your opinion which sort of thickness of scratchbuild materials(pla-plate, square & triangular strip styrene) should I go for as a begineer?

@ Skyguy - I did not really remembered any names. But if I were you, I go to every single store I can find! YOu never know what you might find ...

@ Jacques - There is no hard and fast rules. As a personal preference, I use pla plates not thicker than 1mm. Any thicker, it will look out of place on a 1/100 scale model.

I'm having a hard time looking for MSG's in our local hobby shops. :(

NO surprise my friend, not many places stock these product I must say.

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