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Sunday, September 11, 2011

MG Delta Plus (Red version)

I have being gunning for this one before it's release. So when I got hold of it, all other projects were dropped temporarily to do this.  Basically an OOB work, I decided to brush up my metallic finishing. All parts were painted silver with gloss black as base. And I applied different shades of red for various parts. 

Assembly was fairly simple although you might have to pay more attention to the internals since this is a transformable kit. I like the way the armors are segmented, which gives the kit a more complex look. I was hoping for a some booster unit at the back so it will look more complete to me. 

Well, this took me under two weeks and I am quite satisfied with the end result. Well break time is over, time to get back to the O! 


Trans AM mode DP! love your work always, Kenny.

One word: SUPERB!!!!

I really dig the candy-like tone, and the skill and effort you put into it. :)

One question: does your model have the same "I-don't-want-to-be-on-my-feet" syndrome as Gai-gun one? :)

that paint job is pretty sick. way to put it on the line buddy! very original!

Yes guys, trans am Delta! Actually I never thought of that when painting this one :)

How did you do the chrome-like finish on the inner frame and the gun?
Oh, and awesome paint job btw. :)

the aint scheme is not really my thing, im not a huge fan of these colours (thinking the same way about the celestial being transam models) but besides that you did an amazing job once again keep it up.

Hi Kenny, quick question what kind of air compressor do you use for your airbrushing and do you have an air regulator and moisture trap installed on it? Thanks =)

Hi Amarthinz, I am using Hobbymate compressor similar to this one,

which comes with a air regulator and moisture trapper installed.

definitely love the overall package...So great gurls love it..!!

thanks for the inspiration @Kenny!! :D

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