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Monday, April 16, 2012

LBX Lucifer

I have been putting this off for quite some time. Which is why I make it I spent the last two days priming and painting it. This time I am doing something other than Gunpla. It's LBX aka The Little Battlers. I did not watch the anime but I like some of the designs they have. Interestingly, you could kit bash with other LBX models to create your own variations. And they even have effect parts and optional weapon sets to add more variety to your creation.

For this build, I decided not to go for the original colour scheme and opted for metallic purple and gold combination. I wanted a more majestic looking Lucifer. All metallic colours were painted with a black undercoat.  

The effect part I was talking about...

Overall, I am satisfied with this kit. I really had fun working on metallic colours as well. Don't think this will be my last LBX, LOL... 


gotta love this man!~ :D thanks dude!

I bet you did a lot of masking on this guy... :-)

Nice job! can i ask you how u got the netallic colours out? is it primer then black then silver then clear purple? thanks for ur help. intending to do a netallic lucifer too. :)

Yes Donovan. Primer, black, silver and clear purple.

how did you do the metallic black parts, like the one in his abdomen?

i'm a newbie in terms of metallic painting. and i would really appreciate your help.

and by the way, is there any way to do a metallic white finish?

Hi Marion,

All my metal colours have a base coat of gloss black. For the abdomen, I used Gunmetal mix with a small quantity of silver and spray the mixture over gloss black.

A metallic white finish? I guss you need to try those pearl coating on white to give you that shimmery metal look. But I have not try that yet.

is primer needed to get the same feel as yours? and what are the code number for the paint u use

i a newbie in any form of painting, i just read from other guide that using a spray can from gloss black->gloss silver->gloss (colour) gives u the metallic coat also, is it true??

It depends. Some folks use primer and some do not. Both still achieve the same effect. Although priming lets me check for scratches and blemishes.

@whahahaz - there are a lots of techniques out there in terms of achieving a metallic coating. Experiment with a few and go with the one that works for you. Coz one man's medicine is another's poison.

Do you sand it first then apply primer or just primer straight away?

To get the optimum effect, I suggest sanding the parts smooth.

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