Thursday, June 14, 2012

Play Arts Attack!

As most of you may know by now, I am pretty much into Play Arts (PA) figures nowadays. I'm trying to make up for lost time by buying these figures every other month. I used to collect Hot Toys (HT) figures which IMO are the best "action" figures around. I got Enzio from Assassin Creed and Ghost Rider in my collection. However, HT puts a serious strain on my wallet. But my main grouse is the size for these figures. At 1/6 scale, you need to have a display cabinet to display your collection. With all my Gundam stuff and the Gunpla displays I'm planning for, it's just not possible to accommodate all of them. 

Which is why I turned to Play Arts. Slightly taller than your average Master Grades, they are much easier to handle and fit into most showcases. They are also half the normal price of any HT figure which translate to "I can buy even more now!". But what brought me over to PA is that most of the figures are based on my favorite console games and anime! One good example is the Metal Gear Solid series. PA are churning out all my favorite characters from that series. I will shoot myself if I don't get my hands on them! 

Solidus Snake (to be released in November 2012) 

Meryl Silverburgh (To be released in September 2012) 

Solid Snake (Released) 

Cyborg Ninja (Released) 

Next is Raiden!? The future is looking very promising indeed.

Having said all that, I must admit that the earlier releases were pretty much, crap. Sculpting and quality was horrible. That turned me off. However, I noticed that they are finally paying more attention to the sculpting and details which resulted in a marked improvement in their recent releases. But I am still not impressed by one of the latest  release, Sam Gideon from the PS3 game, Vanquish. The Batman Arkham Asylum figures are pretty good though. PA definitely needs to achieve some form of consistency in quality soon. 

Photos courtesy of Hobby SearchArticulation Times


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