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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Project Gwen by Eday

My day was pretty uneventful until everyone started to swarm my Facebook with Eday's GBWC entry. Yup I was dumbfounded when I saw the pictures. He done it again. A 1/144 Rezel converted with Full Weapon capabilities and then make it into a mobile weapon!? That's just insane. I have to admit I can't pull that one off.   So you know I began to bug him for details.

"I started this kit back in 2010 together with my project Arios. so its actually a 2 years old  ongoing work. It took me 5 months to paint and I was restricted to paint the kit only on weekends (But only when the kids allow me).

This entry consists of 2 set of 1/144 Rezels, GN trans arms parts, Unicorn FA parts and lots of miscellaneous  parts salvaged from various Gundam models. And I scratch built the rest. Overall size of this model - L-50cm x W38cm X H 34cm." 

Remember this one? 

Well, with permission from Eday, I took some photos from his webby to show how awesome this is. Enjoy! 

For more picture please click on the label below. 



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