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Saturday, April 6, 2013

LBX Achilles (Hyper Function) - First Look

Just a GENTLE REMINDER. Buy this LBX. 

They call it a hyper function LBX. Well, it's basically a MG-ized LBX. The main difference between this and the previous version is the what Bandai called "Core Skeleton". It has good articulation and that translates to better poses.  

And the best improvement to me, NO MORE PAPER CAPE!!! 

Assembly is straightforward and it took me less than 30 minutes to snap this. The only seam lines are the ones at the shoulders. But to be frank, they can be ignored.  The finished product feels heavier and more sturdy. 

Good articulation means very cool pose!

"I'm so cool!" 

For those LBX lovers, this is a must get for you guys. I really had fun building and posing this little fellow. Hopefully, Bandai will continue with this Hyper Function series. I'm hoping for a HF Lucifer! 


I actually have my eyes on these series last year. More refreshing than Gundam

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