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Sunday, May 19, 2013

HMM Iron King (Warmachine Version)

The craze started in November last year. While seeking to take a break from Gunpla, I chanced upon Kel Vinci's Berserk Fuhrer and the Zoids "bug" caught me instantly. Then I started hunting for these Highend Master Models or in short "HMM" Zoids. And before long, my collection grew to the point I had to clear out some of my Gundam stashes. 

Well, with so many Zoids in tow, I had to find a excuse to build them. And seeing so many of our local lads who actually like these mechanical dinosaurs, I decided to organize a Zoids Group Build at Hobby Art @ Work to spice things up! The response was very encouraging. 

It wasn't tough for me to choose which one to work on. I went for the biggest one of them all, Iron Kong. I reckoned that since I want a challenge, IK certainly fits the bill.

Well, first thing that hit me was the number of parts this Kong has! It had to be the Perfect Grade Zoid. Needless to say, the construction process was slow and tedious at times. The fitting was fine but definitely no match for Bandai's engineering. But heck, we are modelers and not wimps, man! I had everything figured out in time and the rest was really just a formality...

Prime stage. I used up almost five cans of primers.

I have to admit the details on these models are top notch. In fact, you do not have to add more as it will be totally redundant and barely noticeable anyway. Unless, of course you are talking about drastic or extensive modifications in shape or the form of  the kit ie. adding weapons, limbs or even kitbash.   

Next: Painting...

Ok, initially I wanted to try weathering (for the first time) on Kong. But after watching Iron Man 3, I just had to paint a War Machine version of the Kong! I don't know whether I pulled it off but I still like the final product.

I decided to use metallic colours for this build since it's WM. The assortments/ combinations of colours I used were:-

1.Gun Metal + Gold, over black base
2. Star Bright Silver + Gun Metal, over black base 
3. Star Bright Gold, over black base 
4. Clear Red, after "3" 
5. Chrome Silver, over black base 

I hand painted some minor parts and kept decals to a minimal since metallic surfaces tends to "drown out" the decals. 

Ops! Timeout! Need to change pampers! 

Little help from Tony as usual! 

Added these machine guns at both wrists to simulate WM (yeah I know they failed! LOL)

Replaced the shoulder cannon with gatling gun as I think it suits the Kong more. MSG Galting Gun. 

Size comparison. This kit is huge and bulky! And completing this gave me a tremendous amount of satisfaction!  

Overall, I like to say painting this was (not) tough at all! In fact, I completed painting within 4 hours. This is probably because metallic paints are easier to apply and drys faster. You don't have to worry about shading and or masking as well.

So I had lots of fun doing this and at the same time, learn a few tricks on how to manage monster kits. But most importantly, it has given me a new perspective and a renewed drive since Gunpla is becoming stale for me. 

And to finish off...

Meanwhile in another part of the island...another crazy bugger...

Stay tuned for photos of  the Group Build soon! 


bro,since u not using masking technique i assume u dissemble all the part for painting?

Yup I usually dissemble all parts for painting.

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