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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka - First Look

First of foremost, I want to wish all readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

And for me, Christmas came early this year. As most of you may know by now, I'm a big fan of the Sazabi. I remember using the old Master Grade version of it for my first few modification/kitbashes, Raven and Lonewolf. Both looked damn crappy right now, LOL. Well, you can imagine I was over the moon when Bandai first announced Sazabi Version Ka. Hey! I waited 13 long years for it!



Well, it's finally here and I must say this is well worth the wait. Updated design, improved engineering, transformation gimmicks and better articulation. They're all there. And to top that off, the box art is an attention grabber. This goes really well with the Nu Gundam version Ka, don't you think so? Whoever owes a Sazabi VK must have the Nu Gundam to go along with it. 

I scanned the construction manual instead of taking photos of it this time so that you guys can have a clearer look at them. It may look pretty daunting considering the size of the box but to my surprise, assembly was relatively straightforward. It took me under 4 hours to complete this, spread over two days of course. 

I was expecting more decals though. 

Transformation gimmick

I speculated that this Sazabi will come equipped with psycho frame like the Nu Gundam VK. Well, I was half right. There is a transformation system but no psycho frame. But that can be arranged LOL. I am amazed at the engineering of the kit. Transformation sequences were made so easy.  No loose parts and no complex instructions. And I must say, the Sazabi looks very menacing after transformation. 


And here is one welcoming change, a swivel like mechanism that allows you to turn the shield forward without having to twist the arm awkwardly. Plus! There are three contact points on the forearms for you to clip on the shield as well! The 10 year old problem that having been plaguing modelers and collectors alike has been eradicated! 

In case some of you all might be wondering, the action base is able to support this kit by means of a clip that can be attached to the back of the Sazabi. But only barely. You will consider getting a stronger support altogether. 

Size comparison with a Perfect Grade Strike Gundam

Size comparison with a Master Grade Nu Gundam Ver.Ka

While there are no major issues with the new Sazabi, I am rather concerned with the use of polycaps for the hip/thigh joints. Why? Because they are less stable and will be loose after a few years. Bandai should have considered using the hip joints of the MG Sinanju. More rigid and much more stable. 

And... yeah happy faces all round for new Sazabi owners!

My final verdict on this fellow, Superb. Better articulations means better poses. Something you can't do with the year 2000 Sazabi. Interesting transformation gimmicks that makes the Sazabi more badass than ever. And you can add LED to its mono eye as well (optional).

If you still do not have one at the time of this post, I suggest you head out and buy one now. Heck, I got 3 in one swoop! And you better do it fast. Because it is what it should be, selling like hot cakes right now... 


Nice post! I agree with you on the user of polycaps on the hip joints, they feel like as if they would come off any moment.

Also, the 2 nozzles facing inwards on the backskirt can be rotated outwards so the backskirt has 4 nozzles facing outwards.

Yeah, I didn't realized that until I had a second look at the manual. Thanks a bunch!

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