Friday, June 5, 2015

My day at Gundam Docks

Well, what is Gundam Docks really? Well, it's basically one of the large-scale Gundam events ever to be held outside of Japan. The last one was in 2013 and was in Hong Kong. So you can say we are very privileged the Bandai decided to have one here. 

This event marks the 35th anniversary of GUNDAM and to make it even more special, it is held in conjunction with Singapore's Golden Jubilee, SG50! 

To commemorate this  special occasion, Mr Kunio Okawara was invited to create a SG50 theme Gundam for Singapore. Yes! Finally, a Gundam we can call our own. A proud moment for me when it was announced not long ago! 

Mr Kunio Okawara, (大河原邦男)  

A critically acclaimed mech designer who worked on the designs for "Mobile Suit Gundam".  

Above are the highlights during the course of the whole event. 

I was down at the event just now and took some photos. But before that, I have gathered some pictures of the last Gundam Docks at Times Square, Hong Kong, . Here goes... 

 And now, here are the photos I took this evening. The event started today. It is located at Takashimaya, Orchard Road. This is the largest Gundam event in Singapore todate. Yes, even bigger than Gundam Expo. Before you enter the mall, you will be greeted by a 1:3 (6m tall) Gundam and Zaku. See the video below on how they were transported and set up here! 

Two rows of Zakus on each side of the walkway. They look familiar, don't they?  

The event occupies the whole atrium at the basement. That's easily 4000 sqft. I see rows and rows of merchandise put up for sale. And "out of box"displays of various Gundam model kits. A Kunio Okawara Gallery was set up as well. This is also the first time Strict-G apparels are brought in. A first among many. There is also a showcase of all the Perfect Grades. Each encased on their individual pedestal display unit. Much impressive.   

And the star of the show, SG50 Gundam, in all grades! 

It is rather difficult to get decent shots at night because of the green and blue spotlights. I rather have normal lighting. 

Got myself a few stuff as well.

Overall, I had a good trip. However, I feel that there was no clear emphasis on the 35th Anniversary of Gundam. It's all about sales, sales and more sales. The feel it gives me is that this is a sales event and nothing more. 

It makes perfect sense to Bandai of course. But as a modeler myself, I wish to see Bandai engage the local community more. For example, they did not invite last year's GBWC winners to display their works. That would certainly spice things up a bit. It definitely beats the hundreds of boring OOB works on display there. We need some eye candies out there! 

And no mid year competition. A competition to go with such a big event can never go wrong. It's a crowd generator no less! Why was it left out? I will never get to know the reason of course. Perhaps sales is more important? Who am I kidding here? LOL. And who knows? Kunio Okawara as guest judge maybe? That will drive participation rate up the roof! 

A big Gundam display by local modelers will be good as well. I remembered the large display done by HAG in the first Gunpla Expo in 2012 at Serangoon Nex.  

Well, I feel that this event has no place for THE craft. It has taken a back seat. So what is a Gundam event without its competitions, caravans and painted models? I can only ponder what it could have been..... 


Hi, I am just curious, how's Gundam's popularity in Singapore these days?
I used to live in Singapore from 2007 to 2011. I only know a couple of places that sells Gundam and model stuff in Sunshine plaza. And I remember that at the Anime convention in Suntec, half of the place were selling stationary and Watsons had a huge area selling shampoo and stuff...

From your photo seems like it is different from what I remember.

By the way I like your Odin very much. The O is one of my favourites and your version is definitely the one I like the most. Keep up the good work man!

Hey Cube,

A lot of changes since you left. For once, Gundams has been gaining popularity. There are more people picking up Gunpla or collecting its figures. Very encouraging indeed.

And thanks for the vote of confidence man! I will certainly go on to produce more works in the future.

Thanks again!


Quick question. What was the name/title of the orange and black RX-78-2 Gundam? Was it also released in an HG?

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