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Saturday, September 26, 2015

PG Perfect Strike by Toymaker

After two long years, that PG Strike is finally done. It has been a long journey. Full of ups and downs. There were times I almost threw in the towel as I was simply too tired to carry on with this project. Technically, it was a very challenging project. And it was pretty taxing on my mental state as well. But I walked away with valuable experience. 

It is not my most "Perfect" Perfect Strike. But it will do for now as I continue to work even harder and seek for that elusive breakthrough. So enjoy this not so perfect "Perfect Strike"....

The shoulders of the PG Strike have these hatches that can be opened to accommodate the Launcher and Sword Strike packs. But these packs never came. And the NG versions of both were not compatible at all. As there were many conversions of the PG Launcher and Sword Strikes online, I did a little research. To my disappointment, none of the modelers attempted to integrate both shoulders and packs. They simply left the hatch opened. This is something I cannot accept. So I experiment with the parts, cut, trim and scratch-built some parts and managed to get the type of integration I wanted. That was satisfying indeed.

This was a commission work and the customer wanted a PG Perfect Strike. Since Bandai did not produce the perfect grade versions of the Launcher and Sword Strike packs, I had to use the 1/60 non-grade version for the conversion. It wasn't easy though. Since the details are solely lacking in the NG version. And the shoulder mount (or the lack of it) also posed a huge problem for me.  

Just in case anyone is asking, I convert and modify the weapon systems from the NG Striker Weapon System.

Well, I slowed down when I was close to finishing this project. Why? Because I can't bear to sell it away. I realized I have developed a deep attachment to this Strike. It is probably because of all those struggles, disappointments, excitement and triumphs I experienced throughout this build. 

Can I build a better one than this? Definitely can. But there can only be one Strike in my heart. The one that accompanied me through those sleepless nights and early hours.  

On a side note, I sincerely hope I fulfill my client's requirements. I think he wanted a open-hatch concept but I misunderstood that. Anyway, it is difficult to have such a concept with three weapon systems on a Strike. I hope he accepts this. Otherwise, I will have to take it back :) 


Can i ask the combination of the colors.thanks

Simply mind numbing details and effort, I feel for your loss😭

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