Sunday, June 5, 2016

GBWC Singapore 2016 - My views.

GBWC is early for Singaporeans this year. And it caught many off-guard. Although it was announced that it will happen in June since January this year, many folks are just not used to GBWC this part of the year. It will need some getting used to. We are like one of the earliest countries to kick off this competition. And this shows in the pathetic turn-out this round. A miserly 60 plus entries across all categories. I can't remember a worse showing than this in all my years here. It was that underwhelming. 

Well, I will jump straight to the entries since there's nothing interesting there and I can't be bothered with sales and limited items. 

Well, like I say it, lots of guys did not take part this year. Just look at the sparsely placed entries and you get the picture. One SD Gundam Knight occupy a whole section of the window display! I think we need to be more enthusiasm when it comes to competition. And not just concern about where are the cheapest stuff and such. Why buy and hoard when you do not even build at all? 

I know it's an unfair statement considering that I did not even take part in the first place. But I just hope the Singapore boys and girls can play a part for this dying hobby. And more importantly, maintain the standards here.  

Well, enough of that, I did not managed to take pictures of all the entries. But here are some of the impressive ones I seen so far. 

First off, this huge kit by Jaef Liang. In case you guys are wondering, he won last year's GBWC Singapore leg with Nemesis, a souped up purple Nigthingale. This time, he kitbashed some parts and created an mechanical ant. I like how he managed to get the shape of insect so accurately with random parts. Hefty investment but it is all worth it. 

Next one, a rare appearance by the prolific Benjamin Wong. Many will remember his monstrous entry in 2012, a mobile weapon Banshee. Ben has an creative approach in the things he does and this one is no exception. Eye-catching colours and an endearing theme, it appeals to the general public. 

This is an interesting entry. I like the texture and the pose. The pose itself may be simple but it's appropriate and convey that badassery as it is. 

This one entry probably exemplify the way we do things here, kitbash, kitbash and more kitbash. Well at least we are presentable about it. Cluster-fuck, mind-fuck, whatever, it is still darn impressive.   

Good old detailed work. It never gets old. In fact, I think, we need more of these works instead of quick fixes and over the top modifications. Looks like I'm talking about myself LOL. 

The rest of the entries I took. Didn't take me long to take pictures of most of them. 

Special shout-out to Gregg Tay. Although he is in junior category, his work here can put some of the seniors to shame. Well placed modifications, subtle kit bashing and strong basics. Yeah, strong basics provide an indication to an individual's commitment to the hobby. 


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