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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

EX-S Gundam (Test type version)

The EX-S is one of my favourite designs in Gundam Sentinel. It looks very impressive even when unpainted. Assembly is pretty straight-forward considering there were hundreds of parts and minimum masking was required.

I took part in the Hobby Art Tetsujin Trophy Challenge 2005 organised by Hobby Art Gallery aka HAG with this kit. I came up with a different colour scheme as opposed to the usual blue or red version.

I took three months to complete this but the colour scheme did not turned out as expected....

However, my fellow modeller Leon, built one with the colour scheme that I could have die for. This is one sweet model.

Building this kit was certainly fulfilling and there is no doubt this will not be the last one I'll be doing. Hopefully there will be a breakthrough in my next attempt.


very good work, the color scheme is good.

No offence but I do remember I saw the same kit with the same color scheme @ a shop in Bugis's sunshine plaza. Do u happen to be an associate wif the shop?
It is a nice color scheme and I liked it alot. I was aiming to create one similar one myself. But so far, I bought the kit but did nothing wif it so far D;.

Hi there, No, I'm not associate there but just lending the kit to them for display. This colour scheme was "accidental" in nature, proportion of the colours were mixed wrongly. I am also planning to do another one in the future!!!

Cool, I will be looking forward to the next Ex-S kit. Although the color scheme is "accidental" but it turns out to be quite attractive.

wow bro..
Tat's cool Ex-S u have made!
I just bought my Ex-S. Haven't start it yet.
anyway, looking forward for ur I.S.W.P strike. :)

Thanks cloudkho.

Glad that you like it. This kit was built quite some time back. I'm thinking of doing another variation too. Hmmm...

Oh yes! I need to finish up the IWSP! Collecting dust!

I love the colour scheme... can you tell me the exact brand and colours.

Hi Rhyan,

All colours from Mr Colour Gunze Sanyo

Orange = 49 Gloss Clear Orange with a dash of yellow.

White = 21 Semi Gloss Middle Stone with a dash of white.

Hi. Will a tangerine and red color scheme work on this kit? Thanks.

hi, where did you get that sketch? or did you draw that model? i wanted to do the same so i can see if the color are good before applying them.

The lineart was actually scan from the construction manuals. I make many copies of it. Of course you could use photoshop for that. Much more convenient and less time consuming.

Where can I get the EX-S GUNDAM? PLS REPLY

I think HAG is out of stock now. OR you may want to call them to check. Or esle you can try all the major departmental stores here.

Do you know what shop sell gundam in Singapore?

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