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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Legend Gundam

Finally I'm done! The NG Legend Gundam has the best proportion compared to the rest of the Seeds and the final product looks fabulous! Painting the base was fun as well. I has a little mishap right after I finished the base. I toppled a bottle of thinner on it. Totally ruined a few hours work. My advice to everyone out there, clear your work desk often!!!


seriously, it is very nice... especially the base, i'm lovin it. May i know whats the mixture of white you use? It looks abit greyish. Also, i wish you could have a little tutorial on how to make bases like that. I would really like to try it. I keep looking but could not figure out how to start it.

Ey bro! nice job on the Legend! what really caught my eyes was the base! great job on the painting and detailing.

one more thing... are there any pre-painting modifications on the knee joints? if there is, can you share some pics or tips? thanks a lot!

@techno-ken - the base comes with the Legend as Limited Edition Package. And I merely painted it.

@Dr.feelgood - There weren't any pre-painting modifications and I did not cement the joints too fyi.

may i know the brand & color number of the paints you used for this kit.

Hi Drew,

I can't really remember what colours I used. It's definitely from Mr Colour (Gunze Sangyo) and if I am not wrong, I followed the manual provided.

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