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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sazabi Lonewolf

I did this back in 2004, a Sazabi conversion. As I am a big fan of Motoo OSUMI's works, I decided to do a conversion after I came across one of his Sazabi variations. Although I tried to duplicate the modds and conversions to the best of my ability, I was pretty far off. Nevertheless, I believe that this will serve as a beginning for more conversions in the future!


where did u get the bullets for the machine gun?

Hi Mr who-ever-you-are,

I got the bullet chain from those 12 inch army figurine accessories. Hope that helps :)

12" army figurine... can u specify the brand and model thankz

The part was supplied by a friend and he could not recall the brand or model. Looks like you need to do some research. Sorry about that :)

Bro!! Ive never seen this before, what a fantastic mod! Its amazing hands down.

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