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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Astray Red and Blue Frame

Phew...done! With so much holidays for the past two months, I finally completed these. Took a considerable amount of time for doing something OOB, sigh... Anyway I always have the impression that the Astray has lots of seam lines to cover and numerous pre-paint modifications to be done. But to my surprise, they are few and far in between. Whilst the Blue Frame is relatively easy to paint, the scabbard, handle and the guard of the Red Frame requires masking. And they are pretty fragile. I have to separate the eyes and the camera lenses (at the top of the head) of the Red Frame to facilitate painting as well because there were seam lines to be covered. I liked the gigantic sword of the Blue Frame very much, looks damn impressive!!


WOW.... i own this 2 as well but i love urs very much.. nice work man.. added decals and a very nice stand for both of them.. thumbs up!

did you paint the astrays yourself with your own colors or what?

Hi there, the colours I used are according to the manual as supplied.

OOB means Out of Box. Basically you build everything in the box but no additional modifications, weapons and accessories.

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