Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Long road to recovery

Just went for my first consultation yesterday since discharge and test results still show a low blood platelet count of 16,000 which was previously 22,000, gulp..... It seems like the only thing effective about the steroids are the side effects. The doctor explaind to me the mid and long-term effects that I may suffer and I was thinking whether it was worth the trouble.

I am beginning to feel aches and pains on my legs, shoulders and back. I felt like a 70 year old man at times. Mood swings are getting frequent too although my wife notices them rather than myself. An increased appetite has made me stock up my fridge and cupboards with all sorts of food, phew....
And the bruises/marks have not faded much since day one. I keep getting stares everywhere I go. They must be thinking that I was run over by something(giggle).

[Arms are the worst hit, major brusies!]

[Got a bruise here because I was crossing my leg!!!]

[No, it's not a shadow.]

I came across a few forums while searching for information on my condition and was particularly surprised that this condition is not exactly uncommon. Someone even exclaimed that his blood platelet level has dropped to ZERO! Wonder what's going on with our bodies nowadays.....
Well, whatever it is, I hope all will be fine at my next scheduled appointment. Otherwise, I'm in for more tests (sweat).

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