Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Progess on my WIPs has been really slow recently. I am not having enough time to do gunpla at all it seems. Due to increasing workloads and pressure, I'm in the office for more than ten hours a day and I'm not seeing the conditons improving any time soon. With less than two hours to myself every night, it's impossible to do anything decent. For me, it's both demoralising and despairing. Everyday it's like a battlefield in the office, handling the barrages of endless calls and all. I have talked to my wife, my dad and even complain to my son! (Heck he was staring at me blankly!!!) But I realise what I wanted was my mum. No matter how ridiculous the odds are, she was always there for me (my pillar of strength). She protected me. Now, I'm left to fend for myself and that there is really no two ways about it. I'm reaching my breaking point very soon....
I really hate it when I have little time for gunpla, and to top that up, I saw blemishes on my SD Zaku Warriors EVERYWHERE!!! I wanted everything to be perfect but was too distracted to do any quality work.
Well.... hopefully things will eventually right itself although I am not at all optimistic....


everyone have face different problem.
thanks god we got blog to release some pressure like how our airbrush pump out the air... althought it is a never ending story and getting more and more as times goes by, but that's part of life, as important as painting in modeling.
Do it for your son, your wife they will be proud for you.

Dear Kenny,
I came across your blog as I was searching for some good gundam diorama. Awesome work and I like your style very much. I like gunpla works where they portray them as a vehicle with human figures in the scene to exphasize it.
Keep up the great work and can't wait to see your next masterpiece.

ps- May I ask you where do you get those small figures? I am searching for 1/100 figures all over the place but they are hard to come by. Thanks. - Lee

Hi Kenny!
Found your blog after randomly searching for good Gundam models. Great piece of work especially the diorama. Need to ask you what tool you used to drill those tiny holes on the pla plates and where to get that particular tool. Keep up the good work man, hope to learn more from you...

Hi there,

Those tiny holes were made using pin vice which you can purchase from most hobby stores or hardware stores. It's easily available here. Hope this helps :)

Hi Kenny,
Just relaying e msg from all of us guys here at the hardware zone Gundam forum. Al of us wish you all the best & get well soon. We're looking forward to your next project keenly. Especially the 2 Exias... Take care brother...

Thanks guys, 2 Exias !? Whoa.... Lots of work.... hee

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