Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One final look at 2008 and future plans

2008 was really a tough one. And there is a gloomy forecast for 2009. With the current economic situation, it pays to curtail my spendings and save more for a rainy day. All those news about pay cuts and retrenchments are unnerving and demoralising. Darn! Looks like my plan to buy a PS3 has to be shelved.

As for my progress for Gunpla, all can be summed up in one word - Pathetic. Only managed to finish three kits and one of them a SD. I was not able to complete my entry for BAKUC 2008 and only a half completed one was submitted. The Qubeley definitely deserves better treatment than this. I have been constantly reminding myself to start things early. But somehow I dwelled and spent too much time at the conceptual stage. To be frank, planning for this Qubeley was like groping in the dark, I was trying to achieve that "feel" and toyed around with thousand and one ideas. And this doesn't help when one is indecisive. Furthermore, this kit is not really appealing to the masses and to convert it to something acceptable to everyone provided me with a real challenge (I have to do a lot of convincing myself!). But with some pointers from Leon and a few other modellers, I was able to produce something decent, presenting this mecha in a new light and most importantly, be content with myself that I have achieved "something". No doubt, I derived more satisfaction from doing this one compared to my previous works.

For next year, I do have some plans I have been updating the blog as often as I can. But with my slow workrate, these updates are far and few in between. And I do understand visitors of this blog want to see new works. So I have make it a point to start building some of the commissioned works which has been delayed long enough. I will try to include work-in-progress pictures as much as possible so people will have an inking how I achieve those modifications.

Another plan would be to "invite" guest modellers and I thought Leon's works deserved to be mentioned and displayed to all visitors (I'm pretty sure everyone would love to see more pictures of his MG Musha with Horse entry in the recent BAKUC). His work rate and skills are definitely world class. No doubt, this idea will benefit a lot more people. If there is any thing you wish to see in my blog or imrpove on it, do feel free to leave your comments in the chatterbox. Any suggestions or ideas will be thorougly considered.

To end, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and most importantly, good health.



Have a good 2009 dude! There were setbacks through out the year, but you will come through stronger than ever!

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