Monday, December 7, 2009

Grrrrr... Tiger!

Finally! Something that I am really interested in for the BB Senshi Series. Based on Sun Quan from the "Romance of Three Kingdoms", this BB can transform into a white tiger! This is damn cool. I will probably get two and have them displayed one in "Gundam" mode and one in "Tiger" mode... And its coming to in this month!!! Yipee!

See product here - BB Senshi Sangokuden Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku


You are right! The tiger mode is swee man! Might be my 1st BB gundam too heh heh...shitz too much poison lol :P

hi, do you still have spares for this kit??? Looking high and low on this. HAG dont have stock when i went there on sunday

Sorry man, I do not have any spares atm. You can try BHG Bugis. I saw a few on sale there.

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