Saturday, January 9, 2010

PG GP01 by Leon Ku

Here is one classic that everyone likes, a Perfect Grade GP01/Fb. For those who has this will know how massive this kit is. With hanger parts and additional amours, it is a challenge to complete this.

Luckily, Leon did this one a few years back. Being the speed demon he is, I have absolutely no doubt he completed this within a month. Aside from details and panel lines, he even added a hanger "wall" to complete the set up.

Enjoy the view guys!


The Perfect Grade GP01/Fb.. Very Very GOOD Done.. Like It!!

From : Ah^Kid

Love it! I love the added panel lines...would love to get this or some other cheap PG soon. How's your FAZZ coming along bro? :)

My FAZZ? Well in the next few days it will be completed :)

Heads up to Leon!!! Thanks for sharing this bro!

HI there, are you referring to the completed work or just the kit?
If it's the kit, I think its pretty rare now. You have to wait for the next Bandai reissue I guess....

Hi Toymaker I'm referring to this kit.Can this be found in HAG???

Hi toymaker just asking a question. Is Gundam cheaper in Hobby Point or Hobby Art Gallery?

Its currently out of stock unfortunately. Well I am not too sure. I never compare prices before...

Can I know where you get the Hanger? Please!!!


Hi Leon,
Part of the diorama comes with the model. The base and wall were scratch-built by Leon. Woah same name!

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