Friday, January 29, 2010

MG Unicorn Galting Gun

Got this from HAG just today. These guns are so hot that I never get to see them. And when I drop by the store today, imagine my shock when they told me they have stock! Needless to say, I grab a few boxes myself. These are awfully useful parts.

Construction is relatively simple. I only saw seamlines at the drums so nothing to fret about. At 18 bucks, it is well worth the 18 bucks price tag since I can get it ANYWHERE! See product here-


Wow. So you finally bought your first bootlegged kit. Good for you!
Support China!

Bootlegged? lol. I have not even seen the original guns before. So I have no choice but to settle for an "alternative". And no, I don't support bootleg Gundam kits. I'm very contradicing am I? Lol...

I'm really interested in these gatlings. Did you need to glue anything? Do they fit right in your Unicorn & Sinanju?

Some seam lines and fitting is just fine.

Nice. Did your get the optional red lens too? If you did, what did you think about them?

I have not bought them but you could get them. As they are useful for other things too

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