Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bandai FORMANIA Series- Nu Gundam

Since the announcement of its impending release in October last year, I have been following this very closely. The moment I saw the prototype on the net, I knew that I have to get it. At 17cm tall, it isn't exactly "big". However the details I seen so far are pretty good. Produced with a mixture of PVC, metal composite and ABS, it comes painted as well. 

The amount of details on the shoulders and cockpit area is overwhelming! 

The addition of crew members is a nice touch. Everything looks so "right" now.

Internal mechanism looks good as well. A lot of effort was spent into this one.  

With something so impressive, it might justify its 12600 yen price tag. However, I will reserve my verdict until I get my hands on it. Mass produced products usually have QC problems as I am aware. For some of you who might wonder why I want a finished kit, well I have some special plans for it of course. I always love those half-bust Gundam displays but resins are too cumbersome to work on. BANDAI has just solved my problem :)

And best of all? SAZABI is in the works!!!


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