Friday, March 5, 2010

BB Goutaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku (WIP Part 2)

Some minor updates. Did some fitting and trimming today.

For the tiger head, I sharpen the edges and added two fangs. I wanted a more "fiercer" appearance, a sabre-tigerish look to be exact.

I got to replace the tail with the one from Tallgeese. The original one is too meek and look like a ponytail to me. Now it will look intimdating with spiky hair.

Since I have used the body of the Tallgeese, I need to widen the chest armor to make it more proportionate to the new body. Details will be added later (I have yet to come up with something).

Instead of lengthing the front skirt armour, I use the same part from another kit and glued them together. I save some time as I do not need to add pla-plate and putty. Furthermore, the armor will look interesting with layers.


I applied the same method here. my intention is to cut out the middle of the armors leaving the borders and inserting a blue transparent film. That will come later. 

A mock up display of the unfinished kit.

A comparison with the original kit. As you can see, the proportion has significantly improved. The addition of armor plates actually gives the kit a more complex look. I am considering retaining the feets and armors of the Tallgeese. They just look better than before. Now, we will take SDs seriously after this one.... 

More updates soon.... I'm on a roll!  


Woah!! Cool! Especially the new 'sabre tooth'! But i think it will look better if the tooth was white or gold, and not the bandai 'crappy yellowish gold'. I'm sure you'll paint the kit to give it a vibrant look won't you?

sir.. mind to share hw do u get ur gold in colours?? i used gaianote star bright and then clear yellow bt cant get as nice as urs.. any tips???

Hi there,

For the gold, I used GAIA's Star Bright Gold over gloss black. For the gold mixture, I used GAIA's Metallic Master thinner.

Alternatively, I tried GAIA's Light Stainless Steel over gloss black and then use clear yellow and clear red. I did it for my Omegabear-

tats mean black as basic then star bright gold, rite??

btw, what is the use of Light Stainless Steel??
bsides, hw to start wif metallic colours?? let says red.

im involving myself in colour parts last year.. hopefuly can get sum guides frm u.. thx!


Sorry, its light stainless silver. It's basically a metallic paint.

Red as in metallic red? Well, basic black as base and then silver. Finally a coat of clear red over the silver.

Hope this helps...

its helps! thx!

when cums to metallic colours, the colours ratio hav to more than thinner, is that true???

thx for everything u shared wif me!!!

It works? (Phew..) LOL Just joking...

Well, I still stock to my 50-50 ratio when it comes to metallic paints. However, I noticed that for Chrome paints you may need to increase the ration of the thinner from 50 to 60,70 so that the paint particles do not choke your airbrush.

If during airbrushing, you notice your flow spluttering, time to add more thinner.

And I recommend 0.4 or 0.5 AB for metal paints.

oh yea! sum others may not willing to share wat they knw. they use for biz purpose like open classes... too bad! i hv no money to pay for it @@. so i very appreciate n thx for anyone who share knowledge wif me in this field. i realy do!

erm.. so far chrome paints cant touch up wif other colours rite?? ( i used mc211 chrome silver, mr hobby)any suggestion on chrome colours??

No, I don't think you can cover up chrome plating with paint seamlessly if that is what meant.

Hobbymate has this MGM chrome powder that you can use to achieve good chrome finish. You might want to consider that.

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