Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gundams on horses (By Leon Ku)

Many years back, I remember seeing a nice BAKUC entry from Thailand of a Knight riding a horse. The knight was coverted from a MG Gyan. I think that this combination of Gundam and its ride is a interesting idea and no doubt impressive if one can pull it off. And we do have a "representative" in Singapore too. This one was presented in BAKUC 2008 under the expert category made by Leon, Musha Gundam and a magnificient horse. 

This one shocked me for a long time... And I am seldom "shocked".

The horse (if everyone is curious) is converted from the Super Robot Wars Aussenseiter (horse mode). He did some research on the history of Feudal Japan. The colour and modifications were made with that era in mind.

The bow and arrows were scratchbuilt and designs were handpainted.
How he actually balanced the whole thing on a simple but impressive looking base is still a mystery to me.
Those beads you see were taken from some oriental displays.
The tail of the horse were from the wings of the PG Wing Gundam. 

And as if one is not enough, he went on to produce another variation recently. This time "Guan Yu" on his red horse. I like the colour of the horse, very striking and meanacing. REally don't know what to say, why not we just look at the pictures and soak it in....

I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone commission him to do a whole army of it....


You can get it from HAG. I think there is one box left...

hi, may i know if there are places selling this in a whole set? how much would it cost?


Hey guys,

This is a custom made model. Those are the only two in the world. And it's cost a few thousand bucks each.

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