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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This would be my first attempt with vinyl kits. And it had to be something from Star Wars. To be frank, I am never a fan of that franchise. Nevertheless, I took up the opportunity so that I could gain some valuable experience. Boy, I did not regret at all...

Produced by Kaiyodo, this R2-D2 is really vintage stuff. And at 1/6 scale, it would be comfortable for me to work on, not too daunting.    

I was a bit surprised when I opened up the package. I was thinking of sprues and different coloured parts (Silly me). I had to trim off the excesses and then wash it with detergent solution to remove any chemicals that may cause problems during painting stage.

Please exercise caution when trimming vinyl as they are soft and your knife will cut through them like butter.
Some of the parts have air bubbles in them. I tried my best to fill them up with supr glue and putty.
The limbs are hollow so I have to insert brass rods in to strengthen them.

I drilled holes so t hat I can insert springs here later.

Snap fit. Noticed that main body deformed. I immersed it in hot water and press it back to shape. 
I am using a Kotobukiya mechanical base as display.

As for painting, it's basically the same as doing gunpla. More masking is required and I had to hand paint some of the details. 

Aurora sticker lenses were used and the clear part on Gundam Exia's chest was cannblised for the main "eye".
Oh well, I had fun building this and also learnt new things. Now back to Gunpla!!!


very nice r2d2 there orange!i've grown with starwars when i was a kid and seeing this is very nostalgic to me.very nice painting and overall presentation.good job!

wow! this is really nice! will you be displaying this at HAG? how much does this cost sir? this really shows your versatility in different type of kits! well done!

Hey this is a master piece! Ever thought of putting real LED inside R2? Btw did you fill up the model to give it more weight or it is still as hollow as it is?

OH yes, I actually wanted to but did not have the time to do it. I had to stuff some foam into it cause I heard vinyl kits tend to "cave in" after a period?

This is great! After many Gundam models and cast resin kits I just finished assembling my first soft vinyl kit (it is of Getter Dragon) and it was quite fun. I still have to finish/paint it but it looks good.

Yes it's a good break from GUNDAM and in the process, i learnt some new stuff as well. It was fun.....

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