Sunday, May 30, 2010

Competition - Sinanju (Master Grade)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been preparing for the mid-year competition. No pictures yet as I tend not to reveal my work before a competition. No trade secrets but just to keep the suspense going. Well, this year, I will be doing the Sinanju. This is something very challenging because to me, this kit is "perfect" even if it is Out-of-box. 

What can I do? You guys just watch this space... 


Looking forward for the pics man! really curious on how you attacked the design of the Sinanju the Toymaker way. nice!

I'm very curious to see your new masterpiece!!!!

I'm very eager to see what you have done to Sinanju, but I guess that will have to wait till the day of the competition.

All the best to you for the upcoming competition. :)

@DC23 - It was a challenge indeed. Especially with something already so perfect in all aspect. I have taken everything apart for decal application and some touching up. Photos will come pretty soon...

@aor_or_die - Thanks,will unveil it pretty soon. Got trouble-shooting to be done lol...

@Jacques - I'll post when I'm done with everything and its probably until actual submission. Please bear with me for awhile :)

@Sammy - I'm not sure about the "Superb" part. But I won't disappoint, that's for sure.

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