Monday, September 13, 2010

Gundam Fiesta 2010 (Part2)

I attended the prize ceremony this evening. Man, I never expect it to be so grand. There was a huge crowd and the whole scene was abuzz with excitement.

That's me in the center (gray shirt).

Picture from Open the Toy

Received my trophy personally from Mr Kawaguchi himself! And of course, gundam image girls... 

What makes it even more sweeter, I had Mr Kawaguchi to autograph my trophy!

I brought out all the trophies I won over the years for a good clean up. Some are collecting dust.... 


Congratulations!! very well deserved win indeed. hope i can learn alot abt modelling and try my luck in some competitions too.. =)

woah.. i missed the ceremony.. looks like a blast. tho i had my MG RX-78-2 OYW ver.'s manual signed by Mr. Kawaguchi when he came last year too! hehe. ^^

That's lot of trophies! Congrats bro! Glad to be there to share the joy with you. LOL

That's Titanium beside you in the first pic right? Anyways, looking handsome in the pics Kenny! hahaha

Thanks guys! I'm just happy that I can touch Gundams everyday.

DC23 - Yes man, that Mr Titanium in person.

you're mr. kawaguchi replacement if he retires!

Dude! Your Sinanju FWS was Awesome!!! and Man your Handsome!

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