Monday, December 6, 2010

Omegamon, Digimon Reboot - Review

Just a quick review on this one. I picked it up from HAG. I have always been a fan of the Digimon since young. And when Bandai announced this new line, I was thrilled. I thought if they are releasing this, it should be in safe hands. I am not disappointed at all....

 There are not many parts like a Master Grade. Assembly is relatively easy. Stickers are provided as well.

The actual size is slightly taller than your typical 1/144 Gundam. Articulation is pretty good as I can achieve good poses with it.  However, the joints at the hips are weak and pops out easily.

 Metal Garurumon's head 

WarGreyMon's head 

Both are given good details. 

 Cannon can be detached 

Overall, I am satisfied with this kit and I am thinking of some special paint job for it. Can't wait to work on it! 


Oh my gosh that kit! When I saw it on, I told myself I am hell gona get it ASAP and you got it before me! ^^ Looking forward to you special paint job! And I think you could try modding some parts too? GO!! xD

I'm thinking of a good finish and yes I Will probably detail some parts ;-)

great kit..
ever thinking to re-modify it?? if yes, i'll look forward to it.. lol..

it will be awesome, to see your touch on Omegamon/Omnimon ^^

Don't get your hopes up to high folks. I will try my best :)

Oho! Can't wait to see what you will do with this kit!
It's something new....

Can't wait to see it finished. Any modifications or touch-ups you have in mind for this kit at the moment?

There's so many new releases this year, so many kits that I wished to buy but my wallet can't keep up with them :~

No crazy modds if I am doing it. Just little detail ups....

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