Thursday, December 2, 2010

BAKWC 2010 Singapore - My Group Entry and others works

I just came back from the local BMKWC 2010 at Takashimaya, Orchard. I saw quite a few interesting entries and this year got to be the year of the Perfect Grades! I counted 6 PG entries, hardworking lads they are. Being the first Bandai Model Kit Worldcup, I expected everyone to really go for it. And judging from what I have seen, it is likely the case. Thanks to the organizers, the submission process was smooth and the showcases are very pretty good with ample lighting.Every entries can be viewed clearly. 

For me, I am involved in the Group instead of the Open category. As I was given a chance to work with Leon on a group entry, I agreed immediately. I will explain our group build in a later post and with better pictures. This one was a bit rush and I did not take any decent photos at home (I was still painting some parts two hours before submission).

Well, this is our entry for BMKWC titled "Trinity".

Lightning Base

Huge gun! 

Other entries.... 

Perfect Grade Double 00 by LEON KU 

This picture depicts movement and the explosion is a nice touch.

 Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame with a Aile Strike backpack. Impressive. 


I don't think I took pictures of all the entries. Overall, I felt that more effort are put into most of the entries this year and the bases are getting bigger!!! Good luck to all participants! 


Great Insane stuff as always Kenny!

Blogged and linked it to here bro. :)

Wah bro, work with Leon?
You guys sure win the group category man!
I hope I can go down there soon....
How's the sales like?

i think most ppl too impress by the entries and forgot to shop! Awesome variant Sinanju concept! lots of PG!!!

Really impressive. This year lot of good looking model and concept. The 3 color of Sinanju look good has a class of their own and the base with neo blue LED is a good touch. can't wait to see it myself.

Good luck bro! Your effort pays off.

Thank guys! I will post more photos of the 3 mechas after taking them back.

Massive work! Really nice! Will drop by to take a good look.

Wow!! Great stuff this year Kenny! Singapore rocked it!

They are simply amazing!!!! I love this dio and the blue one is superb!!!!

Congratulation on your winning. Really a kick ass build.

Hey man, thanks and you did very well yourself! Congrats!!!

Saw trinity yesterday at Takashimaya! Awesome work... nice color combos.. You could have named each of them..
And congrats on the first price in group category.. :)

Hi Dragonfly, we did named all three and even made custom decals for them :)

Display their names and more info there man. :)

Yeah, I did notice the custom decals & parts (from Sazabi, Quebley etc). Awesome work! I wanted to stay there for more, but the glass enclosure was not allowing me to get a better look. Hope it'll be in HAG for display later.

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