Sunday, June 26, 2011

Toymaker vs DC23 (MG The-O)

Six months ago, I readily accepted DC23's challenge for a Build-Off using Bandai's Master Grade PMX-003 The-O. And only when I started this project recently did I realized that this could well be my most challenging build todate. 

Simply because I don't have a "feel" for this mecha. I don't like it at all. It looks clumsy and fat. The more I look at it, the more I want to give it an overhaul. For the past few months, I have been doing some research and have came up with several concepts but I am not satisfied with any one of them. To do something revolutionary is very tough and may not be within my means. Nevertheless, I will never know if I don't give it a try. 

On the preliminary, I want a slimmer profile but at the same time, retain it massiveness. Yes, it sounds contradicting but I believe this can be done. I am going to alter the body structure and re-designing the armors making them more streamline (and massive at the same time "duh"). And being a supreme mobile suit,  I want to give it a majestic aura. And so, I named it "Odin". 

As for weaponry, I will not do the traditional blaster, cannon or "BFG" as some affectionately calls it. Probably some short to mid-range guns or such and maybe a saber or something similar. It got to be unique or at least different for sure. 

Anyway, here are some snap shots of The-O OOB (Out-of-Box).

Box Art 

Instruction manual 

It stands at approximately 25cm, taller than most MGs. And a big surface area for you to work on. 

(Screaming out for details!)

I will be breaking up the shape of the rear armor for a more angular look and also to implement more internals.
I am also considering re-designing the backpack. I prefer some thruster typepack.
Lengthen the head and alter the shape of the shape to give it a meaner look.

I really need to do something about the boat like feet....

This separation between the torso and hips seems "out of place".
Personally, I find the skirt armor too short. And it looks like it is "squatting" at times. 

Overall, I thought Bandai did a good job. They made the O the way it should looked. And the lack of details suits me just fine. The price of this one will turn many off and I think it is normal. This one is like a huge canvas for me to express myself. I am already rubbing my hands in glee although I have not even pass the conceptualizing stage. Oh well.... I am probably going to lose sleep over this! LOL... 

I will be posting some updates on the head real soon. 

So stay tuned.... 


Slim it down! It can be done! I'm looking forward on the final product!

wooow, I think it is gonna be the great job when you make it

Hmm..I have seen DC23's work and he is quite smart to choose this MS as a challenge. Many fillipino favor heavy weathering + over the top detailing on their works. The-O fits perfectly for their kind of styling.

I have to agree with you on that. But to me any mecha can go with a clean look. So any kit suits me just fine as well.

hi there Kenny, i'm planning to buy this kit at a discounted price, around 10,000 yen..can you say this kit is really worth the money?i'm more of an OOB builder.i only paint small details and topcoat my kits.would you say this is a good kit for it's price?i just need a concrete answer before i decide cause it's still costs a lot for me.but i just love the-o's look.hope you can give me an advice regarding this..thanks Kenny! looking foraward to your final design..i'm sure it will turn out as awesome as your Bahamut Sinanju, the FWS sinanju and your FAZZ..those work of yours are just too awesome :)

Hi there,

At 10,000 yen, this is a good price. However you have to take into consideration of the shipping charges. Usually it is these charges that kills.

Thanks as well for your vote of confidence. I will certainly try my best and hopefully, thrill than disappoint :)

thanks for responding :)
it's from a local hobby store we have here..they're having a 20-day sale..i'll take your word on it and i'll go and buy it..i just hope they still have it on stock :)

i'm most certain, and i'm sure everyone who follows your work, knows that you will give us an awesome work once again..really looking forward to your Odin :D

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