Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hobbymate ACE (Airbrush)

Like most modelers, I have more than one airbrush ("AB"). I got two so that I can switch between both to speed up the painting process. And I do have another one designated for applying top coats. My first entry level "AB" was from Sparmax. 

Naturally I outgrew that "AB" after a few years and bought myself two more "ABs", an intermediate level "AB" and also a high-end model which cost me almost 400 bucks. I reserve this one for competitions and commissions though. 

And recently I started searching for another intermediate level "AB" since the spare parts for the old one are not available readily. As Hobbymate was planning to launch their new "AB", Mr Edmund passed me a set for testing and review. 

The first thing that caught my attention is its accessories. Although it comes with a 7 c.c. paint cup, a 2c.c. or 15 c.c. is available separately depending on your usage. Needles are available in 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm. 

Like most "AB", ACE is a dual action "AB". Depressing the trigger will release the air into the regulator and releasing it will stop the airflow. By pulling back the trigger while depressing it allows the paint to flow into the chamber and channel out of the nozzle. The more you pull back, the higher the paint volume.

And this is a gravity feed "AB" where the paint cup is located above the chamber and paint flows in with the help of gravity. I find this type of "AB" more reliable. 

 The instruction manual in English. 

I tested this "AB" on my Karmen Rider Cyclone Metal recently and my impression of it is good. While holding it, it balances perfectly on my hand and this is very important to me as far as comfort is concerned. The flow of paint is stable and smooth and remains so after several hours of usage. Disassembly is fairly straightforward and this make cleaning a breeze. 

Overall, this is a good airbrush and I would recommend to novices or intermediate modellers. It should suffice most of your requirements.  For those of you who are keen, you can hop over to Hobbymate to check out the product. Any queries regarding it, you can email to http://myhmshop.com/shop/index.php?.route=information/contact


sir does the sparmax airbrush brand works well?and what is the commonly used nozzle for gundam MG?tnx a lot

It's a decent airbrush and did what I expected it to do. So far, I haven't encounter any problems. There is no commonly used nozzle. It would depends on the usage.

does hobbymate ACE AB has an integrated air flow regulator ?

Hi, nice blog u have! I've been interested with model kits since i was 9 and now i'm 16 and thought of looking into going pro. I have been looking around for affordable ab's for quite some time but cant help to realise that most of them are quite costly and with the compressors would eventually cost a bomb. Is there any other way i can have the same ab effect without paying that big amount? Hope u could give newbies like me some advice on how to begin modelling a kit and what to look out for. thanks :) love your blog

Hi there, many thanks for your comments.

Your questions are worthy of a post itself! My advice is that if you have decided to go pro, why not pay a bit more for a better AB and compressor? Because it will turn out to be cost saving in the long run.

My advice to everyone is the same. Basics. Perfect these and they will serve as a stepping board for better techniques and skills. Interestingly, HAG will be setting up a workshop very soon and this will provide me with an environment for me to share and who knows, even impart my skills to those who are interested ;)



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