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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kamen Rider Double - Cyclone Metal

Took advantage of the long weekend to finish this. My first MG Figure, Kamen Rider Double - "Cyclone Metal". A green and silver coloured Kamen Rider, the green half possesses wind power while the silver half enable "W" to wield a Metal Shaft. Pretty cool combination. 

There are nine variations, Cyclone Joker, Heat Joker, Luna Joker, Heat Metal, Cyclone Metal, Luna Metal, Luna Trigger, Cyclone Trigger and finally Heat Trigger. I am only required to do one. Mr Leon Ku will be overseeing the other eight riders... In order for me to do Cyclone Metal, I had to get both Cyclone Joker and Heat Metal. 

Construction is fairly easy but you will need to evaluate how to cement the parts or separate them for ease of painting later. This is tricky because the joints are very tight and scratched surfaces will be a common occurrence

I primed all parts and started off with a base of gloss black. After that, a secondary coat of silver for "Cyclone" and Silver+Gunmetal for "Metal". I then used clear green for "Cyclone". I have to be extra careful with the elbow and knee as I have to bend the joints to paint. The red parts are painted with clear red over silver base and  as for the gold, clear yellow+gold over silver.   

When it comes to application of clear paints, one have to be patient and spray several light coats rather than finish everything at one go. This is to ensure proper paint distribution  and to prevent paint to overrun. Trust me, that is the last thing you want. 

I have yet to paint the Metal Shaft weapon but will do so very soon. And sorry for the lack of "pose". Less fiddling is equal  to lesser heart pain later. 

Overall, this is a nice kit produced by Bandai. A decent paint job will transformed this into a wonderful addition to your showcase. And yes, I could get SIC or those action figures, but nothing beats having one you painted yourself. 

And with this completed, time to move on to some serious business! But wait! I just got myself THIS!!! Tempting.. very tempting... 


niCE!!!!!! paint Job :D really gives that Kamen Rider look XD see my Fang Joker :)

It is wonderful painting job sir. you've made it very well. I love this metal coated

kenny don't over do more mask rider! :P

Thanks guys! Moving on to more serious business, competition!

nice job there kenny.. can't wait to see your work on Tatoba combo..
its require a lot of masking..

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