Saturday, April 23, 2011

A new craze

Caught a bad bug recently. The "Kamen Rider (KR)" bug to be exact. It started off with pain and aches in all my joints, that was right after I finished the MG Son Gokou for Leon Chen. And the symptoms got progressively worse after I saw Leon Ku's Mask Rider Accel 

So I went to Hobby Art Clinic (HAG) and the friendly doctor prescribed me with two types of medicine, antibiotic - MR "Cyclone Joker" and muscle relaxant - MR "Accel". Both to be taken three hours before bedtime everyday and to stop when all symptoms are relieved.  

Told me if there is no improvement after five days, I need to see him again and he will prescribe stronger MR medication. 



MG Kamen Rider are the best look MG non-gundam figure so far.

Please don't start on the MG One piece collection. That's maddness. LOL

Kamen Rider Figurerise now eh? Can't wait to see how Accel turns out!

I've got Cyclone Joker and Skull, really hoping to get Accel soon since its my favorite new Rider of all time XD

Lol... indeed they are a good med. But are you actually feel better now ? :D

LOL, think I need more medication. Feeling a bit feverish...

get the Fang Joker, i will soon visit the clinic...

hi i recently visited HAG and saw the kamen rider kits that you built and was really impressed! i am currently planning to build MG fang joker. would you be kind enough to share the colors that you used for that kit? N since this is not a gundam kit i don't think you panel lined the kit right? i didnt see any panel lines on your kit though. thanks a lot for your help!

Hi, the Fang Joker you saw at HAG was actually paint by Leon Ku (one of the in house modeler) and not by me. Never the less, I asked him for the colour scheme and he mentioned that white will be the normal white paint we used and black followed by a coat of fluorescent clear.



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