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Monday, April 11, 2011

1/8 MG Son Gokou

I have being working on this for the past one week. A break from Gunpla (not that I need it) but something refreshing. Bandai has been producing these MG figures but I did not attempt to do them. I personally do not like the joints although it provide articulation. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and it didn't turn out to be that bad. In fact, I enjoyed the process! 

This would be my first figure and I was like painting for the "first" time all over again. I did not follow the colours and ratio recommended by the manual and mixed some custom ones. I was totally clueless about flesh tones and Mr Leon Ku was a big help (there is nothing this guy doesn't know)!! 

 Two sets of decals were given. One water-transfer and the other, stickers. 
 Tackling the seam lines on the arms. 
Seam lines aplenty on the arms, legs, torsos, and the worse, the hair!  

 In case anyone may wonder, yes they are dust. 


I learnt a lot. And this short stint actually got me interested in figures. I made some mistakes like I should settle the seam lines at the joints and paint them before joining the upper and forearm to facilitate painting.  

The decal at the back was a pain too. Due to the folds of the plastic, it did not sink in well enough. I tried to resolve the issue with Mark Softener but due to my impatience and ignorance, the decals teared. It was until later that I realised that the Mark Softener was so strong it "ate" into the decals. I heard about it and now I know what it is. Painful lesson 1. 

Like everybody, I treat it like a action figure and kept fiddling with it. And paint started coming off. Painful lesson 2. 

Overall, I had fun and feel good I complete something in less than a week. There are improvements to be made and some fundamental mistakes that I must take note. 

I hope you guys can learn from my mistakes as well ^.^"


does this figure have an internal frame structure like the MG gundams??

HI Elvin, there is no internal structure and definitely no cockpit LOL... Sorry got carried away....

Leon, thanks bro. It could be a lot better. Well, practice makes perfect.

I want one! No pla plating Kenny??? your changing your style? LOL

Ah! I knew you said that! You want a Full Armour Son Gokou right? LOLOL

Perfect!!! Looking forward to your Full Armor Super Saiyan III Gokou! Will be waiting patiently bro. hehehe

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