Sunday, March 27, 2011

A good cause

All of you all should know what happened to Japan recently. Hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and then ravaged by the tsunami, they are now coping with the risk of radiation from the nuclear reactors. For most of them, life can never be the same. 

Here, we feel for them and want to help. From fund raising events to donation drives, everyone is doing their part. This is very encouraging to see. 

The gruesome images and footage I seen for the past few weeks prompted me to write this post. I felt sorry for my Japanese friends and at the same time, count myself lucky that I do not have to face the wrath of Mother Nature, at least not at this moment. 

Likewise, Joyce and the rest of the guys at Hobby Art Gallery were deeply affected by what they seen in the news. Hence, she decided to chip in to help too. 

Hobby Art Gallery has targeted to raise S$10,000.00 as relief fund. To reach that target, they are:-

1. Pledging 10% of their sales proceed to the fund;

2. Full amount for the sale of completed model kits donated by various modelers; 

3. Full amount of sale of limited models. 

More details are on their Facebook page,

Not to be outdone, I have given HAG the following works to raise funds.  

Kampfer Kanji 

Well, these few are my favourites and I do feel sad to part with them. But I think it's a small sacrifice to make. 


you have my support kenny!!! I am very touched by this...

Thanks man! This is the best I can do. Finally I can put my skills to some good use ^.^"

Very generous of you. Hope Japan's friend can rise again.

Thanks Becky, we all chip in to help in one way or another. They will rise again, no doubt about it :)

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