Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Black vs White

It has always been non-conclusive when it comes to whether to use a black or white base coat for metallic colours. Quite frankly, I would rather not dwell on this topic for too long. Since I was painting the base and left with some metallic paint, thought that I could do a little experiment.  

I prepared four plastic spoons and primed them with Surfacer 1000. After that, I painted gloss black and gloss white on two spoons each. At this point, I noted that I need to coat several layers before I fully cover the primed surface as compared to black paint. 

I used Mr Hobby Super Metallic Plate Silver

I painted half of it and noted that it took me only a few passes of the airbrush. 

For the white base, it took me a few more coats and the silver looks lighter in appearance. 

A comparison between the two 

Now, I painted the two spoons fully. If you noticed, both looks pretty much identical . However,  I was aware of a very slight ting of dark tone on the spoon with black base, giving me the impression that there is weight like metal. 

Top (Black base) 
Bottom (White base)

I used GAIA Star Bright Gold for my next set. 

Somehow the gold on the black base appears richer.

Left (White base) 
Right (Black base) 

I noticed that the gold on the black base appears richer and also gives me the impression of weightiness. 

It seems that I can draw little conclusions from this experiment of mine. This is because I only used two type of paints instead of a variety of metallic paints.Nevertheless, metallic colours on black coats seem to look better to me. And I did save more metallic paint if I go for a black base because there is contrast between black/silver which makes it easier for me to paint. 

I might be going more in depth to test the rest of the colours available but for now, I leave it as it is. 

Black or white, I leave it to you guys to decide. To me, there is no right or wrong method, just adopt what you think is best for you. After all, we learn as we go. Who knows, you might be the next one to discover a new and better technique!    


AGree! great stuff, thanks for sharing it with us! :)

Hi Kenny, ur experiment is a god send! A few of us has been trying so hard to convince some guy (he got a masters degree) that black should give a BETTER look to metallic colours. He doesnt believe and yet throw in physic stuffs to rebuke us.

Hi Roland, as long as you are satisfied with the final product regardless of which base colour you used, that is good enough for me.

The purpose of this experiment is not to prove whose right or wrong. Both way works :)

good stuff sir kenny. and thanks for sharing! for me, i agree with your assessment on using a black base. the gold came out more rather than the white. it looks more solid and realistic.

Nice experiment bro, Really my cup of tea.

The gold reminds me of Magnum Gold ice cream!

Magnum ice cream! LOL!!!!

Now you can call me Ice Cream maker...

Try chrome instead of metallic silver then follow up with clear yellow see the difference between the black base and white base. Would love to see that....The result should be a very shiny reflective gold similar to hyaku shiki and akatsuki's gold finish

Ha thanks for the recommendations! I will try on my next metallic paint work!

Thank you :)

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