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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Formania Sazabi with maintenance bay

When the Formania series was announced, I was skeptic. Can Bandai really mass produce highly detailed models? Well after two releases, they prove me wrong. The Nu Gundam half bust was fantastic but the Sazabi blew my away. I could have grab a few if I have the spare cash because it is an hot item. When I bought this for The Timertraveler, I thought it deserves some special treatment. Although it came with a limited acrylic base, I thought that a mechanical/ maintenance set up would complement it. 

So, I had a black acrylic base custom made and started on my "mini" maintenance project. 

Base plates were cut out from pla-plates and and then detailed up with panel lines. 

Wire mesh were added. 

These pillars were taken from MiniArt 1/35 Pedestrian Bridge. I used to scratch-build these but since there ready-made ones, I decided to use them to save me some time. 

Most of the building materials were made from Styrene and I got them mostly from my Hong Kong trips. 

Night vision view (ya right...) 

The orange coloured mobile platform was taken from Kotobukiya Chain Base and recreated.  

Printed and added a "poster" to add to the atmosphere of the set-up. 

To create an interesting scene, I took two of the funnels and placed it on the platform. 

I added panel lines to the Sazabi as the original one was too "monotone" and had no depth. Some decals were also added and followed by a coat of transparent clear coat with a dash of pearl.  

Overall, I like it very much. The Sazabi blended on very well with my base. It took me under two weeks to finish in which I spent about two hours every night to do. This serves as "training" for me as I am aiming to create a humongous maintenance base in the future. With this done, it is time to move on to the next project!  


getting another popcorn and keep stay tuned.. man, your customer is one of the luckiest person in gunpla world, because his kit can have your golden touch...
Btw,thanks for aharing the way for masking sinanju emblem.. ^^

this really is an awesome piece of work! I am stunned by how you used koto-parts in scratch building! it's like advanced LEGO building skills!!!

I can't believe it's only now that I have could follow your works...

epic work!

Yup i do agree that I'm the luckiest person in the gunpla world :D! Kenny's innate ability to conceptualize wondrous designs, solid technical skills and astute attention to details make all of his creations just so fantastic to see and enjoy :). More art than anything to me...Keep bugging him to do more so we have more new works to enjoy :P :D!

Great work, man!
you are Nuber One!!!
see you soon...

Your work looks great! Hope to learn from you.

Gunpla Warrior - Sure man, we can sure tips :)

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