Friday, March 25, 2011

RX-78 Head Unit (WIP)

Next in line, a Banpresto RX-78 head set. I am very surprised about this product. Details are pretty decent and it can be taken apart easily. My task is pretty simple; add some internal mechanisms, detail up, add LEDs, some re-shaping, create the collar and maybe a base, LOL... 

I am not going for the traditional colour scheme of white, red and yellow. I am having a dilemma right now, a Zeon's Gundam version or Char's version is more interesting? 

Well, so many projects, so little time. Double Speed!!! (you guys did notice the MG Son Gukou behind right?) 


Or maybe you can go for for full armor gundam or G3's colour schemes? Char's colour scheme should be a great choice in my personal opinion:D

Hi Daymien,

I love Char's scheme too... G3 is nice as well. Darn, now i Wish I have two of this heads...

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