Monday, October 17, 2011

Mad rush to the finishing line!

The finishing line is in sight! As you can see, most of the products are up on the shelves. What a sight! With the retail side done, the  guys at HAG can concentrate on the work area for students/ modelers. I am really looking forward to this. Finally a place in Singapore where local Gunpla/ Sci-Fi modelers can learn and exchange ideas, and most importantly, HAG hopes to foster Gunpla culture here and encourage and inspire people to take up this hobby.

Modeling lessons are also conducted at the new place by our big guy,Sam. Now, with more space,  Leon, Eric and I will be playing our roles as mentors to the younger modelers. We are exploring the viability of lessons/ tutorials on specific/ special techniques on top of the basic courses by Sam. I think it is time to push the next generation of modelers up the ranks, don't you think so? 

Oh, did I tell you about a lounge area for members/ visitors to chill out? Yes, HAG has set up an area just for that. We will also make reading materials/ reference books available.

As most of you may be aware by now that Hobby Art @ Work "HAW" will launch on 18 October 2011, next Tuesday.

For that day, the first three customers to spend S$188, S$88 and S$48 respectively will be entitled to free memberships worth just as much. Take note that this only applies to the first three customers to spend the respective amounts at HAW.

And for a limited period, the six-lesson basic gunpla course offered at HAW will be at S$200 dollars instead of the usual S$250. 

There are still work to be done. And HAG folks are working around the clock and their socks off for this workshop. And thanks to them, Gunpla modelers may soon have a place they can call "home" :)


HAW Hanger is still a Work-In-Progress! 


Look spacious. Can't wait to drop by.

very near my office. now no need go to sunshine plaza and tio ERP when i get my supplies.

looks great. about the lesson... it would be great if we could have some online ones also :)

@Wargreymonbl - We have plans for online tutorials for downloads under Poison Monkeys in the near future. :)

I'd love a place here in the UK where I can just walk in and browse Gunpla kits and see masters in action. But unfortunately it doesn't exist.. Very jealous! This looks awesome, though. Well done.

Address is:-

12 Arumugam Road
Lion Building B

Next to Exit B of Macpherson MRT.

How do we get membership?
purchase of model kit?

looking follow to visiting this place

Will haw have more goods & supplies than hag?

Hi Chong, you can purchase membership at Hobby Art @ Work at $188 or $88.

Both shops will sell the same stuff with HAW boasting more space for other new products on the future.

Congrats on the HAG ver.2!
Macpherson is convenient from my place.
Will definitely go and take a look :)

Also wish that the Toronto gunpla culture was as thriving as you guys are.

Hi Kevin,

It is hard at first. But once you have a group of people with the same passion, things happened!

Good day to you man!

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