Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moving up the next level

2002 was the year I discovered Hobby Art Gallery (HAG). 10 years on, they are still going strong and if not, even stronger than before! I always have a special place for HAG as the folks there played a very important role in my hobby. But I leave this story for another post at another day as I have very exciting news to share with you guys. 

Yes! HAG ver.2 is going coming! I always believe that this day will come and not a day too soon! With bigger space, they can finally set up a workshop. I always dream of a place where I can work on my models with the rest of the guys, do demos, set up focus groups on Gunpla etc. All of a sudden, Gunpla seems to be even more exciting than before. 

Expect more things to come in the next few weeks. I will have more details of HOBBY ART @ WORK very soon. Meantime, thought I show you some pictures of HAG's "WIP". 

  Security Guard 

 Changing shift

Watch this space guys.... 


Those security guards doesn't look menacing. Hahahaha kidding. By the way, I'm hoping for The O's WIP. Hehe

Its coming man. Just one more month to submission. My parts are in bits and pieces but I will take photos of the WIPs and post them all at once. It is gonna be a crazy month...

spotted Erik, Sam and Joyce at Nex v.hive looking for furnitures few days back. wonder is it for the workshop :)

Yes man! Looking for furniture for the new shop. In fact, we just came back from another round of furniture hunting....

Good luck to you guys and hope to seeing your gunpla at this year gundam expo

Thanks Hiu Fung,

We will definitely work hard for this one and I will work harder to finish my entry :)

Oh man this is awesome~ ^^
HAG will become like the megastores in Japan!!!
Can't wait!! :D

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