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Monday, January 13, 2014

Beargguy III [San]

My wife has been asking me to build her a Bearguy ever since the first one was released. I have been putting it off citing reasons like "competitions around the corner", "Group Builds" etc. Well, last Christmas, I finally decided to give her something I made. Rather than buying something off the shelf. 

However, I did not get down to finishing it before Christmas. Was feeling a bit bad about myself. So I stayed up the whole night just to finish it. Mission accomplished for me! 

What is it about this bear that even non-gunpla people are fascinated with? Cute? Maybe... But a mechanical bear? Gimme a Sazabi any day! But for the girls... Oh well... 

Needless to say, assembly is a breeze if you can overlook the seam lines at the legs. Stickers are provided and come with several set of "eyes" for certain expressions. 



I went for a Christmas theme for this build. Was looking all over the place for a suitable looking Christmas trees and managed to get those little decors for the tree and base. And I thought the last minute decision to include the wood base paid off. The whole setup looks really pleasing even unpainted. 

A Hello Kitty fan, my wife asked for a pink colour scheme. Pink is one colour I seldom use so you can imagine how long I took to visualize it LOL... 


Finally, I'm done and the lady boss was thrilled of course. Spending the whole night on this was well worth it. She's happy. I'm happy. That's all to it.

My fastest build but one of my most memorable ones. Sweet memories... 

Speaking of memories, anybody still remember this guy? :) 

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