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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Metal Build Destiny Gundam - First Look

As a hobbyist, I don't usually buy finished products especially those that I can modify and paint them myself. The reason is simple. Why would I buy something off the shelf when I can make it better and unique? Well, Bandai's Metal Build line is making me eat my words. Their range of Metal Builds are so impressive even I have to throw money at them.

So far, these are my two favourite MBs, Exia and Exia Repair. 

Nice box design 

So the latest MB Bandai is offering is Destiny. Freedom wasn't impressive but the initial photos of the Destiny wowed me. And after months of waiting, it's finally here. 

Now I ask myself this question, "what's the hype about this one?" After fiddling with it for an hour or so, I am beginning to realize why this one is selling like hot cakes right now. For one, the design and structure of Destiny is amazing. It's nothing like the Destiny I knew and definitely not something I can conjure up as well. Yeah, I look dumb right now... Heck, just name your best Destiny made by anyone here or overseas, it will BEAT them hands down. That's how good this one is. 

The manipulators are made made from soft material so they can take a lot of abuse. 

Effect parts

Base is pretty similar to the one from Freedom. 

I like the "jagged" feel of the wings. Its gives the Destiny a more intimidating look.

The side skirt armors are longer than the master grade version. They look sleeker and give you that anime feel. 

Just a bit disappointed here since that the shield did not incorporate any sliding mechanism for extending it. 

There are two supports given. One for attachment directly at the rear torso and the other, behind the back at the backpack. 

The connection and structure may look flimsy. But I assure you this is more than capable to hold up Destiny and its arsenal. 

So my verdict? It's a no brainer really. 


Buy it before the market runs out of it and everyone start jacking up the prices on ebay, LOL... 


- Great design and love that metallic sheen on it
- Good articulations means cool poses
- You will look cool if you have one :) 


- Some visible nubs and seam lines (what were you expected from mass produced      products?) 
- Selling like hot cakes. It means that it's probably too late to buy one by the time you read this post.  LOL... 


Thanks again for telling me where to get this on FB.

I see you also got 1 yourself. Seems like you are liking it a lot yourself. Happy for you kakakaka.

Hey D@vid, you are most welcomed. Can't have all the fun to myself. Must share it with others!!! LOL...

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