Monday, March 10, 2014

Sazabi OOB project

I have been working on the PG Strike for the past few weeks but finally hit a wall. I'm stuck on the Shoulder armors of the Sword Strike. Can't seem to get the right details on it. Since the add on is a High Grade version, a lot of work need to be done to "upgrade" it to Perfect Grade design.

In situations like this, I usually drop everything and work on something else. A change of direction/project actually helps me to focus better. And why waste time sitting in front of the Strike and trying so hard to jump start that creative juice when it is just not happening anytime soon? 

Took 2 days off to work on the OOB Sazabi. Primed it and painted some parts.

I adopted a colour scheme of several grey tones, white, yellow and metallic colours. Looking real good now. But you know what? Some ideas just popped out of nowhere. 

It's back to the Strike for me! 

Watch this space!  


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